"Suit or t-shirt, paper or laptop, vegan or fastfood – at LIQID we are a colourful mix. Different people have different approaches – but we share a common goal and appreciate that there are many ways to reach it."

What team are you playing for?

We redefine the industry

Our intuitive digital investment platform offers private clients access to exclusive investment opportunities that were previously only available to high net worth individuals. With cutting-edge technology and extensive human experience we redefine an industry in desperate need of shake-up.

We value people

As asset managers, recognizing value comes naturally to us. The team is our most important resource and we recognise each individuals’ contribution to our success as a company. We celebrate success as a team – we overcome failure as a team.

We offer benefits

LIQID offers a variety of benefits for employees such as access to the Project-A-Family network and corporate benefits (an employee discount program), digital meal vouchers, free snacks and drinks and first-class technical equipment. Oh and also: „A little party never killed nobody".

The Recruitment Process: How it works.

  • STEP 1 || CV Screening

    Our Recruitment Team narrows down the pool of resumees to those that fit the profile best. If it doesn't match the role, we see if it might be suitable for another opening.

  • STEP 2 || Introductory Phone Call

    The purpose of this call is to get to know each other better, to answer your questions about LIQID and to see if our expectations match.

  • STEP 3 || First on-site interview

    In a meeting with your future boss, you dive deeper into questions regarding your professional expertise and how you can apply your skills to LIQID.

  • STEP 4 || Case Study or Challenge

    We give you a typical task to work on, something you might encounter on a regular basis if you join us. You will solve this in our offices or at home.

  • STEP 5 || 2nd On-Site Interview

    We discuss the challenge and your solution. You also meet the team and we reach out to your references.

  • STEP 6 || Welcome to the team!

    If it's a match, we will extend an offer. And if you accept – your journey with LIQID can begin.

Available Jobs